Basilica of the Immaculate Conception | Boyet + Iyam

Boyet and Iyam, a nurse and an engineer,separated by distance and profession but united by commitment and the desire to be together for the rest of their lives…a love story only watched through telenovelas and movies but this two is the true to life witness that love and romance does not exists only in cinemas but in real life…..
With warmest wishes for the best in life as you both look forward to a shared future of love, friendship, and the wonderful closeness that is marriage.
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Oliver + Ana Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Sebastian Lipa City

There is nothing in this world that is more wonderful than love. This video celebrates the love and romance of Oliver and Ana that despite their long distance relationship proved that no distance will ever keep them apart.We hope that this will inspire you to continue loving each other until the very end.
For Oliver and Ana thank you for giving us the opportunity of working with you and sharing your love thru this On-Site Video.
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