The 12th Sublian Festival @ Bauan, Batangas

Mabuhay Mahal na Poong Sta. Cruz (The Holy Cross), It was a yearly festive ceremony commemorating the founding of the holy cross at bauan a town in batangas. Where people welcomes the cross yearly in performing the Subli Dance for the Holy Cross.Over the decades it was called a salubong a tradition done only by the hermanos, priests, subli dancers from sinala bauan  and other religious groups, but 12 years ago it started to twist its tradition by inviting all people kids, elders, teens to participate and be involved in the  salubong now called the Sublian Festival.This experience every year in bauan is worthwhile because you can renew your spiritual habits by participating or by watching as you can see the devotions of the people to the Holy Cross.Congratulations to the Organizers of the Festival and Mabuhay!

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Sining Kumintang ng Batangas 20th Anniversary Show

Happy 20th Anniversary , we were very honored to be part of your 20th Anniversary Presentation, It is a once in a lifetime experience to work with your group. You are a truly World Class performer, from dancers, to costumes, to props, your stage, lights, crews and directors, all of  the people behind to the success of the group it was very amazing how the school provided all the support to have a big production like that every year.Not to mention that every year you travel places internationally. You uplift the cultural spirit and bring the importance of the culture of the Filipinos, For that, I salute you. Congratulations and Mabuhay!

Sining Kumintang ng Batangas 20th Anniversary (Behind the Scenes)

Unity in Diversity (International Dances)

Palawan (The Last Frontier)


The Mindanao

Fiesta Filipina

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